Our office commonly deals with:

  • Drink Drive / PCA offences
  • Drug Drive / DUI offences
  • Drive whilst licence suspended
  • Drive whilst licence disqualified
  • Drive unlicensed or Never Licensed
  • Negligent Driving
  • Negligent Driving Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm or Death
  • Organise or take part in street race
  • Drive in a Manner Dangerous
  • All Licence Appeals – Suspension for speeding or demerit points
  • Quashing Habitual Traffic Offender Declarations
  • Speeding offences whether it be detected by Radar, Lidar or Camera
  • And all Traffic Infringements

We have a great track record for getting our clients excellent results.

At the Criminal Law Centre, we give your traffic matter the attention it deserves and we consider all possible options available to you.

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